Pellet stove Punto Fuoco Lilli (€ 500 grant)€ 740,00The pellet stove Punto Fuoco Lilli is a stove manufactured by Eva Stapaggi. Italian quality at a very competitive price. This heater is suitable for heating rooms up to 125m3. Due to its modest size, this stove is also suitable for chalets and mobile homes. The Punto Fuoco Lilli features a 10 kg pellet reservoir and has a steel interior and stainless steel burner hob.Technical data Note: Punto Fuoco Model: Lilli Colour Black Yield: 92% Dimensions HxWxD: 89x38x39 Pellet consumption: Min. 0.6 KG / U - Max 1.2 KG / U Power: Min 2.5 KW - 5.0 KW Stove: Stainless steel To heat up to: 125 m3


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